Black Tai (Tai Dam) Scripture Portions

Welcome to the Black Tai online scripture resource. This is the area where the scripture text will appear. Although the scripture text is always in the Black Tai (Tai Dam) language, the script used can be either the Black Tai or Vietnamese script. This is because the majority of the Black Tai live in Vietnam. Many can read the Vietnamese script, but generally only the older generation recognize the Black Tai script. If you would like to see the Black Tai scripture portions in the Lao script, please return to the home page and go through the Thai language sector.

These portions have been made available for the benefit of the Black Tai community world wide. In addition to providing scripture in the Black Tai language, we hope this also brings forth a renaissance in the use of the Black Tai language and script.

Currently there are no online scripture portions (that we know of) in the White Tai (Tai Don) or Red Tai (Tai Daeng) language. However, the portions on this page may be intelligible to both groups. Please provide feedback on what you discover.

To select the script, click either "Tai Dam" or "Viet". Then select the scripture portion you would like to see. Some of the selections will have the documents broken up into more than one document. Others will automatically show the document. You must have Adobe Reader to read the documents. You can get this program by clicking the icon "Get Adobe Reader" in the left panel.

Enjoy! If you have any comments or questions, please write to the webmaster at